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October 27, 2009

Recycled Tools Of Destruction HDRs

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These are the animal sculptures surrounding the base of the large tree (see older posts from the African exhibit) I photographed a while back but neglected to capture these at the time. Both the tree and these are made from AK-47 machine guns which have been decommissioned and repurposed. Amazingly creative and very poignant.


October 7, 2009

Ivory Carvings HDRs

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Amazingly intricate ivory carvings.


Let Me Tell You A Story HDR

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I went back to get some more shots of the amazing artifacts that are a part of the African exhibit at The British Museum with a friend and as we entered the main hall, I heard this beautiful male voice speaking with an African accent. I found this lovely scene of two actors in traditional dress playing the roles of a couple from days of old, telling an audience of school children about daily life in their time. I don’t normally take pictures specifically of people (hence the lack of great composition here) but this was such a fantastic scene to stumble upon that I quickly snapped my 5 bracketed shots and moved on, not wanting me or my loud shutter noise making apparatus of a camera to disturb this unique learning experience for the kids.


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