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February 24, 2010

Origami Day HDRs part 2

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The last shot here is actually from the day after but I’m sticking it in the same batch anyway.

Origami Day HDRs part 1

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Last summer there was a community day in the park up in Hammersmith with different groups in the area hosting stalls. My mother and brother took charge of an activity on one stall teaching people how to do origami, exposing people who had never heard of it or tried to do it to the ancient art, all the while contributing to a themed display (second image) at the front of the stall. I attended too and lent a hand teaching children how to make jumping frogs, chickens, cranes and anything else I could remember from my childhood and early teens spent teaching myself how to do this stuff from a couple of Japanese books I couldn’t read but could just about follow from the pictures that were given to me as a gift. Was a fun day and my brother did a tremendous job. Here he is at the end of the day teaching someone as we were tidying up. The park itself is just on the river front so I grabbed a couple of shots there too on the way home.

Phone Box & The Step

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These were the last two shots I took after leaving the Museum that day. Upon seeing this old fashioned phone box I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend a month or so before where we were reminiscing about the red telephone boxes. This is usually a sore point for me as to me they represent everything that annoys me about the country I was born in and the image of it that is sold to tourists which they take home as icons/trinkets of their travels. So while I was lamenting them for this and the fact that there’s very little of them left anymore so what is the point of selling souvenirs of them, he reminded me of what it was growing up with them through our childhoods wherein they were used for everything from shelter from the rain or cold, toilets (like any enclosed space really, lifts anyone?) and for those who were having sex that early in their lives, brief sexual encounters in lieu of anyone having a momentary parentless environment. So for the sake of nostalgia and in tribute to both our memories of them I took this shot. The second image is of a lovely step outside a building on Gower Street around the corner which caught my eye.

Museum Garden HDRs part 2

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