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December 19, 2010

Canada: Cotton Clouds, Up On High & Wing

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So about a month before I started Vaping, around May of this year a wonderful friend of mine who was filming in Toronto, asked me if I wanted to come out there and visit for his last week there. I’ve known him for many years now and while he is one of my favourite people on this planet and in my life, we don’t get to talk and hang out as frequently as we would like as he’s incredibly busy all the time doing amazing things so on this occasion, having had my personal and financial circumstances change dramatically by this point, I jumped at the chance. So with short notice and not having flown on a plane for 24 years (as long as I was a smoker), I packed a carry on bag, my camera bag and thanks to my friend, headed off to the airport a week after he originally asked me to pick up my comped ticket ‘n board the plane. I didn’t shoot an awful lot while out there, I was too busy just looking and experiencing the place which is how I am at first with new things, I soak it up with my senses and taking photos is the last thing on my mind. I will be going back in the future though as it is a wonderful city full of fantastic people so I will photograph it a ton more some day. Most of these will go in sequence as and when they were taken, a mix of HDRs and processed RAW shots this time around.



  1. That first image is amazing. it is the photo I can never quite manage to capture when flying – that perfect calm between the clouds. I especially love it when it’s blue skies or sunset. I once saw a red and purple lightening storm between the clouds once. that was a sight to compose music too.

    Comment by Scanner — December 26, 2010 @ 15:31

  2. That plane wing shot is lovely. A wonderful composition of angle and design.

    Comment by Scanner — December 26, 2010 @ 15:32

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