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June 26, 2016

EU Leave/Remain Referendum

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There’s been a literal outpouring of disgusting accusatory rhetoric across the board post results here in the uk and worldwide for the EU referendum I’m sad to say, as I posted the following elsewhere online in pictorial form, I thought I would add it to here as well since this is my blog after all and I dictate the content of it.

To those asking for the referendum results to be overturned/ignored (including an actual MP), please understand what it is you’re actually asking for. You are asking for the democracy to be literally overturned, for the principle and definition of it to be soiled. Understand what the cost would be of what you’re asking for, what precedent this would set not just for our history but for the world at large, to demonstrate that democracy can be this plainly ignored, that the process is quite literally useless and pointless.
I don’t argue this because I voted to Leave, I argue this because making a sham of democracy would destroy the principle of what it represents. We have lost a lot when it comes to what democracy is meant to mean as a reality, we’ve lost a lot of power as a populace when it comes to representation, everywhere, not simply just the UK. Human beings are a commodity to governments, our existence, paying of taxes, consuming and breathing is surety for which governments and private enterprise speculate daily, exploiting everything possible, even human nature itself for financial gain and financing. Our economies are built on debt, governments in servitude not to us but to private enterprise who they are indebted to for billions in interest on smaller scale loans, borrowed against the idea that no matter what, we as its populace will continue to spend money and pay taxes. In this scenario, who’s interest do you think comes first, yours or that of big business?
I voted Leave to remove a layer of this kind of government having non democratic autonomy over my life and that of my fellow citizens. I voted Leave in hope that in the event of a victory, it could be the start of the UK populace taking more interest in how we are governed, by whom and in who’s interests. That in time, we could get some of our power back over our own lives, we’ve lost so much of it, all of which is on us at the end of the day, is our fault for allowing it to come to pass, we’ve been pacified, distracted and let others take control of our lives under the guise of having our best interests at heart when they do not.
Please understand that the results of the referendum do not take place overnight and nothing about them is guaranteed when it comes to the ins and outs of the outcome which is simply this, that we will be no longer in a position to have another branch of hierarchical government telling the UK how to function even if we disagree with it ourselves as a populace in a majority. That is not democratic. That is the only part of the outcome that is guaranteed, the hows of it are what isn’t 100% known but we can have our say and influence. That is if we take part in the process, speak to those who are meant to represent us.
To those bemoaning the result who actually voted, this is what the democratic process is, if those who voted to Leave had lost, we would have to accept it to and then work with it to try and mitigate the loss just the same as you have to.
To those bemoaning the results who didn’t vote, you had an opportunity to vote, you had 15 hours on the day to get to a polling station and actually vote. You had months ahead of time to register to vote, this is your responsibility, not anyone else’s, your failure to take part in the democratic process is on you so don’t blame others for it.
To those bemoaning the result who aren’t eligible to vote due to age, you’re not adults yet so do not have the right to take part, accept it. You earn this right by getting to adult age and taking responsibility for the consequences of every action you take, every decision you make. Until you are an adult, the consequences of your actions are not your responsibility alone, your parents are both legally and morally responsible for you and your actions. As much as you may not like this, that is the contract of parenting in human society. The idea is that by the time you reach adult age, both them and the education system have prepared you enough to understand what being an adult means and that you will consider the consequences of your decisions before you make them with a decent facsimile of general knowledge and are willing to accept them. This simple idea is what governs daily life and prevents the world tumbling into the kind of chaos that would have people murdering one another with every human encounter and over such trivial matter as the last mars bar on the store shelf. If you wanted to influence adult votes without being able to vote, you should have had open dialogue with your parents and to both understand their point of view and them yours and as consequence, their vote. That’s about as much as you can do until you attain age enough to take part. Come that time, you will take part in the process of self governance and if you want to become a part of the EU, then organise, lobby and so forth in attempt to bring about another referendum. You have to pay to play and you’re not paying yet.
To those slinging mud in presumption of others motivations for voting and being so easily manipulated by media or political propaganda, grow up. You’re making adults look bad, it is the responsibility of every citizen to best inform themselves as to the pluses and minuses of voting either way. If you voted Remain or Leave based upon a single issue idea, your own solitary self interest or because of what media told you or what a professional propaganda spouting politician told you, then you are a monumental idiot and morally, don’t deserve to be a part of a democracy and have a vote to begin with. YOU are responsible for how much you inform yourself of what is at stake. You have a wealth of tools, technology and convenience of time with which to educate yourselves with, if you failed to do this then that is on you and you make a mockery of what being an adult is by existing in the same reality as the rest of us. Neither side of the coin toss publicly represented the argument well and employed every dirty tactic possible to influence people’s decision but it is on you as to whether you were influenced by such empty rhetoric and childish behaviour. Just because Remain lost, doesn’t automatically give you the right to presume to know why someone voted to Leave. Individuals are responsible for their actions and their motivations are their own, never presume you know them, try asking and engage in reasonable discussion if you wish to understand.
If you fail to know your history or have not lived long enough to see how the EU and our position in it has changed when it comes to influence and effect upon daily life, how little power we have left, how much our society has changed to its detriment, then I would ask you to please inform yourselves of it, see what has been lost pre and post joining it. Are there pluses, for sure but just the same as overturning democracy would be a pyrrhic victory, so would remaining within a structure that removes more power from a structure of government we already have little power & influence over through our own bone idleness of neglect. We need to regroup as a people, as a country and take some power back for ourselves and if there is a time to rejoin the EU, then I would hope we would do so not just from a stronger position of better representation but for the betterment of said system, that our rejoining would be to the benefit of all in it, not simply ourselves.
The system we have is going to fail. The economy of debt cannot sustain forever, freedoms cannot be sacrificed left and right in the name of endorsed persecution of self autonomy infinitum without there being an eventual failure of this way of life. Know your history. Human nature will not tolerate this way of living forever, it goes against our very nature. The only question is when and at what cost due to the size of the failure and revolt. If you want to contribute to the cost being less than it can be, if you want to make things better, to contribute to this country, to this world, being in a better state than it was when you came into being, then join in, take part in the process and get more proactive in the governing of yourselves. What we have is what we allow, should it not be more representative, should it not be what we want rather than what we tolerate? You are paying for it, get better for the price you pay to live within it.
To everyone who voted Remain or Leave with more thought to it than simply themselves, for properly taking part in a democratic process, I thank you for doing so and I do not judge you either way for what was your choice and right. I will gladly defend your right to do so as I would hope you would mine and that of others.
Everyone, please stop isolating people and fighting one another, it serves no purpose and achieves nothing.
Engage in discussion and the process of governance and representation.
Nothing happens overnight so don’t be a reactionary being, be a more calculated and thoughtful one.

London, UK

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