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August 23, 2017

The Sanctuary & The Aquatic

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Just before Westminster Abbey is a little curved patch of road, almost like a motorway shoulder, called The Sanctuary (first picture). As we were walking up to it from a side street, I spotted the aquatic tour bus and had to grab a quick pic of it before it drove off. It’s a tour bus that can both drive on roads and water, taking passengers on a short tour encompassing the Thames itself and surrounding government buildings of parliament. The last image is a preview for tomorrow’s pics of Westminster Abbey, a stone lion which is part of a small monument in the centre of the Sanctuary.

August 22, 2017

Cathedral & Brickwork

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Once I’ve sold my old gear and procured the 20mm Nikon lens I have my eye on, I’m returning to Westminster Cathedral to get a nice wide shot of it that I can’t get with my current 50mm because it’s a gorgeous building. It has a larger foot print than you’d think from the front of it but like the Tower of London, many more modern buildings have been erected around and too close to it which encroaches and makes shooting it rather limiting. The second building was formerly Caxton Hall and is located behind a large post office on Victoria Street. It is incredibly red as you can see but has so many variant shades and intricate stone masonry work so when spotted, I had to grab a quick shot (another for a return trip to capture the entire in one shot).

August 20, 2017


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The Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace (I didn’t take any pics of the palace itself as I don’t have a wide enough lens right now and as a subject, it doesn’t do much for me). I didn’t capture every individual monument around it, just these few for now.

August 19, 2017

Glassfront, Shade & Framed

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Just some quickies who’s cloud depth came out particularly glorious. First shot is the spire again from further down the river and includes HMS Belfast in the bottom right corner. Second is a lovely shaded tree line in Green Park which me and Flitz walked through to get to Buckingham Palace and the last is also from the park looking up over the tree line foliage.

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