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August 2, 2017

and we’re back again! Part 1

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So, we’re back again! I know I’ve not posted any images for a few years now, I have been taking them (though not as prolifically as in the past), just not posting them anywhere but we’re back at it again with a renewed enthusiasm. Why? Life, distractions and other stuffs but as of last year, I made a determination to concentrate on getting back to my creative priorities and upgrading some of my gear, to that end I have saved for a year and particularly the last two months, worked my arse off to get the funds to make a major upgrade, a decade since my last, of my stills camera, from my much loved Nikon D200 to a Nikon D750. I will be posting my early experiments with it here as I get familiar with it and develop further, a specific style I have in mind and is part of the reason for my renewed enthusiasm.

To explain the first two images in this post. My D200 is a wonderful camera but given its age and style of sensor (CCD), it is terrible at high ISO settings. One of the things I’ve been looking forward to and has been very much something I’ve watched develop with great interest over the years, is the improvements in digital image sensors when it comes to low light and higher than baseline iso settings and this camera, like others of its ilk at current time, does not disappoint! The first image here is ISO 100, taken outside in my father’s workshop/hobby area, just something simple to show me what kind of depth of field I would be potentially playing with in my step up from crop sensor to full sized and returning to my old 50mm f/1.8 nikon AF lens I’ve not used in years. The second is at ISO 12800 and while yes, is very grainy, it’s ten tons less so than even 1600 ISO/ASA film stock I’ve shot with many times in years past. I sincerely doubt I’ll be shooting anywhere near this high ever again but I did wanna test it out just to see.


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