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August 18, 2017

The Two Towers

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Little late here but an additional shot of Tower Bridge and a few of the Tower of London. Sadly, in the years since I was there as a kid, the surrounding area has not only been redeveloped but has rapidly encroached on the site itself, most of the office buildings around it towering it and obscuring any kind of reasonable distance view of it, least for me and my 50mm lens right now. I shall have to return at a future point with the 20mm I have on my shopping list.

August 15, 2017

The Pride & The Spire

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In the grounds (possibly former moat, I don’t know) of the Tower of London are these three, completely out of place but totally awesome, wire frame sculptures of a pride of Lions. View points are limited of them but I had to get a shot of them nonetheless as I knew the contrast of the metal material would have them appear almost b/w against the green grass surrounding (a b/w version of the same shot is included at the bottom). The Spire picture was taken from the same vantage point as yesterday’s Tower Bridge photo, the first landing of the public access steps leading down from London Bridge to the pedestrian pathway that runs along the north side of the Thames.

Tomorrow, The Two Towers!

August 14, 2017

Dark Skies Over The Bank & The Bridge

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Experiments continue both in camera and post processing with software. Used an old favourite for these two, Photomatix Pro rather than Aurora HDR as the latter really can’t handle highlight information as well as the former, to the point where the brightest images from a bracketed set have to be omitted from the batch you import if you’re to make a workable image at all (something that really needs improving imo). Photomatix simply handles this much better and has the ability to inherently create that “look” I love HDR for so much, which is texture which can add so much additional depth to what is already a 2D medium.

These were taken while out and about sight seeing with Flitz. We travelled to Bank station and then walked through to get to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

August 5, 2017

Flitz & The Fountain

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Friend of mine from Oklahoma flew over for a visit, see some sights and stay with me in London for two days of his trip. So we did, went down to Tower Bridge/Tower of London then across town to the palace, parliament and the London Dungeon so we could laugh at their prices for entry and say, no thanks (more like, fuck that!). Still getting the grips of changes and finding my sweet spot to return to HDR with the new cam (not to mention software changes) but normal stills are still glorious looking. More to come from this day but for now, here’s my Fabulous friend Flitz and a lovely fountain from Trafalgar’s Square.

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